Friday 2 September 2011

And what have I done today?

Mum drove up from Portsmouth today, and we had a lovely morning in the garden in the sun (was this our summer?)  We then collected Lisa and, difficult to believe I know, we went shopping!

(I'm amazed the credit cards haven't been cancelled, or gone up in a puff of smoke over the last three days)

Our main objective today was to buy wool for mum to knit Lisa a jumper.  My presence was required purely for the payment side of it all!  Golly knitting wool is expensive.  Gone are the days when it was cheaper to knit than to buy, but I guess the same is true of making patchwork quilts: they are certainly far cheaper in a number of high street shops.

Still we managed to get some lovely wool: we picked up eight balls of this, and the shop is getting in another 8 to be picked up tomorrow


  1. You're so right! I costs more today to do any kind of sewing or handwork than to buy it ready made. That's a shame.

  2. It is a shame, Linda! At least handmade will always have the heart. The stores can't take that away from it!

    Benta, I can't believe you were shopping. Shocker! :)

  3. I can remember doing it all the old way. Having a scraps bag and unravelling old jumpers for the wool. Truly recycling back then. When I came back to crafting after a 10 year break I couldn't believe the cost had shot up so much and to buy had become the norm. Mind you not having kids that outgrow thing every five minutes does change things a little.

    I do love that wool and I hope Mum shows us the end result. :-)

  4. Hope there's more left in the kitty for tomorrow!

  5. We said the same thing about our Australian summer- we didn't have one! I expect wool is as dear there as it is here! I agree, it's often cheaper to buy a garment than make one!

  6. The cost is crazy, my first pair of knitted socks cost me 20 dollars!!!

  7. I love the wool,I wouldn't mind some of that myself, am looking forward to seeing the finished product


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