Thursday 15 September 2011

The Texture Quilt is FINISHED!!!

At long last (nearly 12 months mother tells me) the texture quilt has been finished.  The last of the binding, and the burying of the thread ends, and the snipping all got done tonight in front of the TV (four episodes of The Big Bang Theory) and IT IS DONE!!!

For those who have been with me on this epic journey, you can just congratulate me on finally finishing it, and skip the rest of the post, but for anyone who wants to know - here follows the evolution of the idea of the quilt, and details of each block.

Mum has friends, Geoff and Hilary, who asked her to help with some ideas on redecorating.  Hilary is blind and mum thought therefore that texture was important as well as appearance.  I had seen some textured blogs on a few blogs and thought a texture quilt would be fun to do..  In fact thinking of the 24 blocks has been challenging, and changing my mind from Quilt as you Go to conventional quilting half way through was maybe foolish (!) but I got there eventually.

So here it is
(sorry, rubbish photo - will try and do better at the weekend!)

And here is each block (from top left)

Twisted pin tucks

Machine embroidered squares with textured fill

Pinwheel centre with inset log cabin border

Giant rik rak, in woven pattern

Ripped cotton strips

Folder Prairie Points

"Hilary's Texture Quilt " written in font and in braille.  Machine embroidered, and unknowingly checked by Hilary - I asked her to check the work Texture for a project I was doing!

Folded Log Cabin block - very fabric hungry, mega thanks to Jackie for the extra!

Trapunto block. The flower is raised, and the outside is flattened with free motion quilting

Whole cloth block, quilted at 45 degrees

A spiral in a rope design, machine embroidered

A heart of antique buttons (mostly donated by Mum and Hilary's friend Fenner's mum, thanks Jane)

White on white fabric conventional log cabin block, with silk cross stitch embellishment

One inch squares in 'postage stamp' block.  Quilted diagonally

Folded Flying Geese block

Traditional English Pieced (over paper) hexagons in Grandmother's Flowers arrangement appliqued onto calico

Pin tucks smocked into a honeycomb design

Labrador puppy, machine embroidered

Celtic knot.  Fusible binding, hand stitched

Labrador: machine applique using fleece

Strips of Lace and Beads

Raw edge applique

Suffolk Punches (also known as yoyos) donated by Avril (thank you Avril!)

Folded panel

Phew - that's it, all done, 
Good Night!


  1. What a fab idea, love all the different textures, and especially that you got the dogs in. There's a blind man works round the corner in the office from me, and he has the loveliest dog. Poor thing doesn't seem terribly enamoured of life in a bank, but he gets plenty of attention from passers by drawn in by the big mournful eyes lol

  2. Wow Benta, if it feels as good as it looks, you will have one very happy recipient - well done xx

  3. Yay!! I'd love to be there when she receives it. Great stuff.

  4. THANK YOU! Can't wait to see it, and to give it to Hilary, who still has no idea what is going on. xxx

  5. Well done its fantastic! Any idea how many hours went into making it, I bet you would get a fright if knew.Beautiful quilt.

  6. That is so great! I love it. I think my favorite block is the machine embroidered squares. It looks fun to feel.

  7. Hi Benta! That is just amazing quilt! You have been so creative when thinking all those unique blocks with different materials! Can't choose any favorite because they are just all so great!
    xxx Teje

  8. This quilt is absolutely stunning! I'd love to be able to pick a favourite but I can honestly say that I love each and every square!

  9. Hi there!
    I found your link on BQF - what a fantastic quilt, a great idea!

  10. What a fantastic way to really push the texture of a stitched piece. Such a thoughtful project.


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