Tuesday 13 September 2011

I'm still here!

Not got much sewing done, but yesterday I did join The Richmond and Kew quilters for a talk by Sara Impey who created one of the quilts in the V&A Quilt exhibition last year.

This is a photo of the V&A quilt (photo taken from the book: I did get told off at the V&A for taking a photo of this quilt, but I cant find that photo)

Sara gave a really interesting talk on how she makes these, and how they evolve.  The V&A quilt was make on one piece of fabric, using different coloured threads ( these letters are the unsewn areas)

I have an idea to do something like this to look like an old fashioned telegram - but as ancient as I feel, I cant quite remember what telegrams looked like, so I will need to do some research, sometime when I have some free time!

Sara has gone on to do others where the letters are the stitched areas

Then onto colour blocks (she has a great sense of humour) like a paint chart

 And then free hand writing

I went to the R&KQ Group with Plum, and had a lovely tea and chat at hers first -  I love this cushion that she embroidered!

I received this lovely leaf postcard from Sue W (left) and sent her a dressmaker's dummy very similar to the one on the right

Time for bed now, night night 


  1. Oh wow, Sara's work is amazing - must have been a great talk!

  2. Wow, love the idea of a single coloured top with all the quilting providing the "colour" and "piecing", it looks brilliant :-)

  3. Looks like such a fun day, love all those letters


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