Sunday 8 September 2013

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a mummy and daddy with two little girl employed an Au Pair, Slavka, to look after the children as they both had to go to work.  For the girls it was like having an amazing big sister, and for the mummy and daddy it was a great arrangement.  Even after the Au Pair left 18 months later the family kept on touch: by letter, then by email, then by Facebook.

14 years later the oldest daughter turned 18.  She arranged a party in a nightclub and invited everyone she knew on Facebook.  The Au Pair was due to take a study weekend that weekend so choose London for her study centre, and came to the party.

The oldest daughter also invited her two cousins (who happened to be of a similar age to the Au Pair), and as a result, oldest cousin and almost-big-sister fell in love.

Last year they had a baby, and this year moved house . . . and as if there wasn't enough happening at the time, they also decided to get married . . . six week later

I'm going to guess that you've guessed that the daddy and mummy are Brian and I, the two little girls are now all grown up

And we spent yesterday with the families at the loveliest wedding we've been to for a very long time


Congratulations Scott and Slakva, and thank you for a fab day: wishing you the very best of Happy Ever Afters



  1. How wonderful! It is a fairy tale

  2. Hi Benta! Life has special stories and yours is so sweet! How wonderful that you have been able to keep in touch with Slavka! Best wishes to you and them! x Teje

  3. So sweet!! Life is wonderful sometimes.

    1. Thank you Kay, very true!

      (I hope you see this, I can't reply direct as you are a "no reply" blogger

  4. Who knew you had another life as a matchmaker ;o)

  5. Love this story! Could you work your magic on my two girls now?

  6. The loveliest of stories, with a true happy ending! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  7. Lovely tale Benta hope they enjoy years of Happy Ever Afters too

  8. That is an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it.

  9. I love stories that have a happy ending :-)

  10. I love stories that have a happy ending :-)

  11. How lovely! Sending warmest wishes to all :)

  12. How lovely! Sending warmest wishes to all :)


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