Sunday 22 September 2013

Birthday Bash

After the lovely surprise cake at Chertsey Museum on Friday I met up with friends for a bit of a birthday bash.  I'd arranged a room at the local village club, and booked some nibbles: Jules and Fiona did a great job!

A friend, Jane, who is just 48 hours younger than me, had graffiti-ed one of the walls,

 and another, Nicky, had created this board with lots of photos of me!!!

None of which I'd had any ideas about.  The biggest surprise was this cake:

In Norway we call it Kransekake (it translates as wreath cake), and it is made from ground almond, egg whites and sugar.  It is a celebration cake rather than an every day cake, and it's my favourite. 

Jane and I took both our daughters plus two other 16 year olds to Norway 3 years ago, and I introduced Jane to the cake then, and I did vaguely know that she had one of the special baking trays, but I never expected that she'd make me one!

Thank you Jane

The birthday plans continue - the day itself is later on in the week.  A friend's daughter is making cupcakes for me to take to work and to have at home, and ten or eleven of us are going out for a meal in the evening.  On Friday Jane's husband has invited half the village to a surprise party for Jane, and then on Saturday I am off to a  spa weekend with girlfriends  Is it a bit over the top to celebrate over ten days?  Yes probably, but d'you know what?  I don't care!!!!!


  1. wow! now that is a cake xx love it xx

  2. Fabulous cake! I'm giggling at the hiring of the village club, a club for me is a rather different thing, this looks strangely bereft of black walls and disco lights ;o)

  3. You deserve it all - hope every day is fab.

  4. Wonderful cake! Ten days is ok for now and we will finish it off in October!

  5. Happy Birthday Benta! Your traditional cake looks super! x Teje

  6. Your special cake sounds deliscious. I was born in 1963 too. Life is such a is good to punctuate it with cake.

  7. Happy, happy birthday, dear Benta! Your celebration looks like so much fun!


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