Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Windsor Wednesday

There are a lot of Open Studio schemes around the country, and Windsor is no exception. I haven't joined in as such for various reasons: it's promoted as a walking route and I'm 5 miles away, you can't get more than one person in my "studio",  and there is a certain expectation that I am at work rather than at home in my studio!

However the team at the Baptist Church host the Windsor Fringe, and I have been invited to exhibit there over the last week of September.

I've known about it for ages, and knew which patchworks I was going to enter, and knew I had to do some work on them, but I've suddenly realised just how close 'end of September' really is!

So I've tidied up I Spy Bricks (it's being exhibited as a work in progress: it's been hand pieced, and I wanted to hand quilt it too, I have started, but it will take a while to finish)

And I've finished I Spy Hexi Stars - into a pillow for my mother-in-law for her birthday - yes, she asked for the picture hexies!

Doesn't take long when I get down to it!  Now just need to get them to the church on time ( for Gawd's sake get them to the church on time!) (sorry if that song is now stuck in your head) 


  1. You haven't got time to blog, sew woman, sew!

  2. How exciting! Katy is right - go sew!

  3. Just look at those lovely hexies!

  4. Going public again? Well done you!

  5. Well done on the invitation to exhibit, now get sewing:-)

  6. Ha ha ha!! Keep sewing, keep sewing!


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