Thursday 26 September 2013

Benta's Birthday

Thanks for all the birthday wishes: I had a great day, ending in a meal out with the family, a boyfriend, the girls' God parents and their daughter, and both mothers.  I completely forgot to take any photos at the meal, but I got some pics of the lovely pressies people were kind enough to give me

A floatation experience - I've wanted to do this for years - Carol and I are going to go together

I got some gorgeous troll beads for my bracelet: poppies from the girls, and buttons from friends

Knowing I am not a natural baker, I had yummy yummy cupcakes baked for me (thank you Sally), and, my all time favourite: Apple Crumble, which arrived still warm from the oven (thank you Carol & Alice)

I had bunches of flowers from lots of lovely people

Sewing goodies from family and friends (Thank you Plum and A&A)

Balloons, *just* in case I forgot how old I am

Honey flavoured smellies from the girls, and a gorgeous hand made glass dish from mum

Also wine (thank you Sally and Lizzie) and chocolates (thank you Sam), and Amazon and Hobbycraft vouchers (thank you S&S and Lindsey & Frances, I'm going to have a lovely time spending those), and most exciting of all - two more experiences - Lion King with the girls and the God parents, and Segway with the family (Niki and Brian went this summer and loved it!)

(Hope I've remembered everything!  Thank you all)


  1. Fabulous haul there missus, glad you had a fun day :o)

  2. Happy Birthday Benta and welcome to the club!

  3. Awesome and glad it was a great day,have a fun weekend!

  4. Glad you enjoyed it all xxx


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