Monday 9 September 2013

Fifteen Minutes of Fun

Even when there isn't really time to sew, sometimes there is a need to sew,  maybe it's a bit of therapy, maybe it's physiotherapy, maybe it's just as excuse, but whatever, I do try and sew whenever I can

The very lovely Fiona who blogs at Celtic Thistle, is making a lovely scrappy quilt.  Using 2.5inch squares and scrappy triangles (saved from joining binding strips) she is joining them like this

She has plenty of strips made up (!) but needs plenty more

(She has about 270 squares, but needs 589!!!)

Back in June I was involved in making charity quilts with the Richmond & Kew Quilters.  The group I was working with was making a Jelly Roll Race quilt: I sat all evening joining 2.5" strips into one long ribbon, while one member of the group sorted the strips, another snipped the triangles and a third pressed all the seams: similar things were happening at other tables around the room.

I brought home lots of of JRRs in various stages of finish and have been working on them on and off over the months since.  Last weekend I remembered we were meeting again soon, so one day last week I started gathering my stuff to take, (flimsies and quilt tops) and discovered a batch of strips that hadn't been started.

So my daily fifteen minutes of fun over the last week involved chain piecing strips together

Snipping triangles (all coming your way Fiona)

And then joining and joining and joining until I had another flimsy

So I've got three flimsies looking for volunteers at the meeting to press / baste / quilt / bind, and I've found one that just needs binding, and I'm fairly sure there is another one downstairs either finished or at least part bound.

Added with all the others we should soon have a great collection of quilts ready to go to a deserving charity


  1. Hi Benta! Interesting projects! Fionas little triangles are really cute! x Teje

  2. Gorgeous.Can´t wait to see it finished.Happy sewing!

  3. It's a very giving hobby this sewing lark isnt it.

  4. wow! if it was still fun after all that then you are well and truely HOOKED!! well done you x

  5. Great idea for the charity, hope you get plenty of volunteers for the finishing :o)

    1. I really feel that I should have taken two flimsys to finish yesterday - feel free to bung a second one my way when we meet again next month!

      Glad that you have a home for all the triangles - always a good feeling!

      Great work on the quilts so far - thank you!

  6. 15 minutes has been my limit recently, but tomorrow - I am hoping to blow that out of the water!
    Great work there xxx

  7. It's therapy and we all need our fix! Well done!


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