Thursday 19 September 2013

Museum Making

This time I have been making something FOR the museum, rather than AT the museum.

The curator asked me if I could embroider some t-shirts for the staff to wear when they go out to do school talks: perhaps the Museum logo on polo shirts.  I very cautiously said I would look at it, as the logo is a tad complicated:

Its based on a clay tile in the museum, so cant be simplified too much before it looses its relationship with the museum.  I started OK on the outer section, but the two characters in the middle were just too detailed.  Then Emma said it could just have "Chertsey Museum" if it was too difficult.  As I'd already designed the outer section, and I was looking forward to doing the gargoyle  . . . I worked on a compromise:

Not too shabby for a first stitch out!  I need to tidy up Mr Gargoyle's teeth, and the jumps in the writing annoy me, but I think it's recognisable!


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