Tuesday 24 September 2013

Bricks and Blocks

I've come down with the "i work with children" lurgy!  The little darlings have breathed on me and now, less than three weeks into the new term I'm full of snuffles!  I have a hundred or so Bloglovin posts to read but I marked them all as read and did done sewing instead!  An hour or so turned this pile of 8 x 4 inch picture fabrics and 1.5 x 4 inch strips

into this

But unfortunately I've run out of the light green (pistachio?) so I need to find something else to bind it.  It's not a colour I would usually choose, but it's lovely and fresh: certainly something I would use again

Now? I'm off to bed, night night x


  1. Poor you hope you feel better soon XXX

  2. KIDS!! gotta love their snotty little noses x
    Looks like a good use of your time to me .. blogs will be there anytime xx

  3. Little bastards always like to share their germs! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Still able to sew? That's encouraging at least! Lovely quilt top. Get well soon, Benta! xx


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