Friday 13 September 2013

Pretty Patti Post

After a few really busy days at work, and interrupted sleep at night, I came home tonight just wanting to collapse, but I soon perked up when I saw what was waiting on the mat for me. Patti sent me this gorgeous zipped case as a thank you for a few bits I sent her with her Star of Africa block

What a lovely gift, from a lovely lady: a really useful size, fab fabric and a sweet little sewing machine on the zipper! Thank you, Patti, a lovely surprise, and a much appreciated gift! Xxx


  1. Happy mail is always the best - I suspect the pouch is for scissors...

  2. she must have known a little pick-me-up was needed x beautiful gifts x

  3. Aw,thanks Benta! Hope you can make good use of it! :-)


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