Thursday 5 September 2013

Take Time to Play

Ikea sell the best clock *ever* but I think they should advertise it in quilt magazines!

You get clock hands, and lots of connectable shapes . . .  HEXI shapes! You can clip the hexies together however you want, but I think their idea leaves a lot to be desired

In the hands of a patchworker.  . . .

I've had great fun!  I only got three each of the reds, the yellows and the greens, (come on Ikea, what are you thinking of?) so not enough to make a full flower - but when you know that someone else (waves, hello Jackie) got one at the same time, a little hexi swap may be on the cards!


  1. Wait, what?! I work right next door to Ikea!

  2. Wonderful! I wish Ikea had an online shop!

  3. I never come out of IKEA without buying something but I have never noticed this clock before will have to see if I can spot one on my next visit.

  4. swap definatly in order I think.. wonderful clock xx

  5. And have you seen the big button wall decor they do too?

  6. That is fab. I see there a few people using these clocks as a base for further loveliness by adding fabric to the surface of the hexies.


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