Tuesday 3 September 2013

BC and AC

For a long time I've referred to my "BC years" (Before Children), but I am thinking of the next 17 weeks or so (after this six weeks off school) as the "AC weeks" - After Calm.

The school hols have been lovely: no alarm clocks, sewing pretty much what I fancied, when I fancied, not many places to go to for specific times, seeing people I love to see . . . you get the picture.

Today school starts back, just teachers, but certainly alarm clock and lots of "can you just ..." and "where is the .." and what on earth happened to ... ". 

There will be 30 new four year olds start on Wednesday, which also means about 20 new families that I need to get to know; we are starting a new lunch ordering system (that I was trained on 7 weeks ago, guess how much I remember) and I have a new Head Teacher who is new to being a Head Teacher as well as being new to the school.

I love my job, but given the choice I'd choose permanent summer holidays!

So there will be less sewing and less blogging.  I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I enjoyed mine


  1. I am sure all that training will come flying back as soon as you start Benta and you will be back in the old routine in the blink of an eye :)

  2. Chin up! Hope that it all goes reasonably smoothly and that the new Head is another 'good egg'! If you survive the week, will we see you next Monday evening? Hope that AC goes well.....!

  3. Good luck with all the new 'starties'! Roll on October!

  4. Would be too boring if it were all the same! Go for it Benta!

  5. All good things come to an end - particularly holidays. Good luck with the new school year! xxx

  6. I'd choose permanent Summer Holidays too :)

  7. Huh, my holidays are a distant memory lol Have a fun year!


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