Sunday 29 September 2013

So Near So Spa

The final part of my very extended birthday celebration was a spa visit with girlfriends.  I'm not very high maintenance, but some treatments were included so I had a salt massage and a pedicure, but the best bits were being with friends, and having 24 hours without deadlines, responsibilities, or questions (where is my ..? Can you just .. Did you ..? Etc)

We chatted and laughed, and caught up on each others' parents and siblings and husbands and children (and grand children), we drank and ate yummy food that isn't on the diet list, and we had meals cooked for us, and we didn't have to make beds, tidy up or wash up!!!!

The others also swam, and did aqua aerobics,  but as I'm still full of lurgy I sat and stitched and watched
And finished the binding on the ispy bricks (pistachio pictures)


Tomorrow? Back to work, and the boring business of being Fifty, sigh !

However, I do have a flotation experience, Lion King on stage, afternoon tea, and a trip up the Shard to look forward to!!!


  1. Sounds like a heavenly weekend!

  2. I turned 50 too this year.
    So far, it's been the best year ever...
    Glad you celebrated!

  3. Happy Birthday Benta, what a lovely time you had with friends and family. Enjoy, you deserve the celebration I'm sure.
    I'm enjoying looking at your blog, you still do so much in my opinion.
    With love.

  4. You are certainly embracing the nifty-fifties with gusto Benta :)

  5. Sounds very relaxing! Glad that you've enjoyed your celebrations!

  6. Sounds like a good way to spend a day :o)

  7. Happy 50th! You sure know how to get the most out of a birthday : )

  8. Bliss indeed and you have a whole load of other goodies to come. The 50s are fine, I'm halfway through and enjoying life!


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