Thursday 12 September 2013

To unsew? Or not to unsew?

At the end of last month the Northern Lights Project was unpicked and sent to the Thinking Step in disgrace.  It was to sit there and think about what it had done and not to comeback until it was sorry.

Well it did come back and apologise, and so I pressed and stitched and pressed and stitched, and I was happier about it this time, its still not as curved as it should be, but with quilting I think it will be OK

This is the original photo, the finished wallhanging will be much wider, but at the moment I'm just working on that curve

I was wondering whether to FMQ around the swoop, to enhance that, and that maybe would blur the harsh angles, or should I FMQ vertically to enhance that effect instead?

I thought I'd zap a photo to Jackie to see what she thought, the flash was on auto, and THIS is what I see


I'd been working on this in artificial light - you know, one of those light bulb that takes ages to glow bright, and it had looked fine, but under the flash see that I'd forgotten to continue with the very dark grey in the middle of the two sections of lights

Any suggestions appreciated


  1. I think it looks as if it was ment to be part of the design x it sort of looks like steps.. and I like it . The quilting will make or break this xx Go for it xx

  2. If it really bothers you unpick it now as you will see it every time! Or else put some more in!

  3. I'm with Nicky, if it really bothers you either unpick it or applique the dark grey over the strips that need it (once it's quilted you won't know that it's added in on top.
    Amazing swoosh, though - I think that it's looking great! Oh, and for the record, I'd go with vertical quilting.;-)

  4. Ah, so that missing grey wasn't deliberate then. I admit I did see it straight away. The swoosh does look good otherwise though, so maybe consider unpicking now to fix it, or where you'll be taking the photo of the final thing ;o)

  5. tough call, Benta. I am opposed to unpicking it. I like Plum's idea of applique if it really bothers you.

  6. Get a new light bulb? Seriously it's making me tired just thinking about ripping something out, and it's not even mine. Either way you go, I'm sure you will have it looking nice in the end.

  7. I think it will be great. You can enhance the movement when quilting with some metallic thread, to add some sparkle. Can't wait to see the result.

  8. Annoying! If the finished hanging is going to be wider, maybe you can leave out a few grey blocks here and there in the piece you haven't done yet so it ends up looking like a broken of shadow, rather than a solid line?


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